Cameroon’s Presidential Poll: Kamto to hold Press Conference 0

Cameroon’s President-elect, Maurice Kamto, is scheduled to hold a press conference at 2:30PM Cameroon time in the nation’s capital.

Mr. Kamto is expected to reiterate that he is the winner of the election and that the country’s election-organizing body and the constitutional council are doing everything in their power to rob the population of its victory.

Mr. Kamto who is a legal expert and a Professor of law believes in legality and will be waiting for the constitutional council to confirm him as Cameroon’s next president.

Meanwhile, as the dust raised by Prof. Kamto’s announcement about his victory in the October 7 presidential poll settles, it is slowly emerging that the country’s president, Paul Biya, is slowly showing some signs of flexibility about his retirement.

A source close to the Yaounde strong man has hinted Cameroon Concord News Group that international pressure on the 86 year-old dictator for him to accept the honorable exit proposed by Prof. Kamto has increased over the last two days following the historic announcement that might change the country’s history.

America and other Western countries, excluding France, are working hard to ensure that real political alternation is a reality in a country that has known only two presidents since independence in 1960. Western countries want to ensure that Cameroon is spared a disaster that many other African countries have experienced.

The negotiators are drawing Mr. Biya’s attention to the fact that if he refused to accept the verdict of the ballot boxes, millions of Cameroonians might take to the streets and this could result in a bloodbath that may see his ethnic group paying a huge price as it has been the greatest beneficiary of the strong man’s corruption and nepotism.

They are tactfully and skillfully advising the Yaounde strong man that he could become a hero and a globally respected statesman if you played a key role in the peaceful transfer of power in Cameroon.

Mr. Biya is also being made to understand that if he continued to be in power, the conflict in the English-speaking regions would continue and more lives would be lost.

It should be noted that the real results of the poll are now available on the Cameroon Concord News Group’s website. The results have been sent by a source that has elected anonymity.

It is gradually emerging that Prof. Kamto is the true winner of Sunday’s presidential election.

The unimpeachable source at the election-organizing body, ELECAM, who has elected anonymity, has just sent the results to the Cameroon Concord News Group.  The source says that ELECAM officials are divided on how to proceed.

Some want the results to be doctored while others argue that the real results should be published as received. There is confusion going on at ELECAM as government ministers keep on calling the election body.

By Kingsley Betek