CPDM Crime Syndicate: Minister Mengot’s bullying campaign generates stress among militants 0

There seem to be a mad rush in Yaoundé for those who still believe in the CPDM criminality. When you take a look at the number of people who have paid for the burial of the Senate Vice-President, Chief Mukete, and Member of Parliament, Emilia Lifaka Monjowa, who died a few days apart, you would think those pouring money into the account set up by the Minister in Charge of Special Duties at the Presidency, Victor Mengot Arrey Nkongho, are doing so happily.

On the surface, all is fine, but if you scratch beyond the surface, you will find out the truth. Like most Cameroonians, these CPDM civil servants are also struggling, but they cannot complain. The CPDM creed is that “thou shall not complain even when you are hurting.”

These miserable members of the crime syndicate have been caught between the rock and a hard place. He who eats, drinks and dances with the devil will always be miserable and this all too true with the fake members of the ruling CPDM.

Many are contributing against their will. Mengot’s surrogates are breathing down their throats and since all of them are hoping that their affiliation with the ruling CPDM could one day yield a small appointment, they are emptying their piggy banks just to please Mengot whom they think will one day recommend them.

Behind the scenes, the grumbling is getting louder. CPDM members in the Southwest region are sick and tired of their own party that is causing their blood pressure to be skyrocketing. They claim that money is hard to come by, but power-hungry elites like Victor Mengot are intimidating them into spending their last penny.

According to a CPDM member who contacted our London Bureau Chief, many of those contributing are doing so against their wish. She said that CPDM members were paying that money with lots of regrets, especially as they are facing huge challenges in paying their bills.

“Our people are paying in anger and under a cloud of intimidation. Mengot is clearly a bully. Why wasn’t there a drive when W.N.O Effiom died,” she asked.

“Chief Tabeta, Chief Akomara and others had nothing despite dying recently? Why should there be double standards in the contributions,” she added.

“Our people can’t pay for hospital consultations in Manyu and Mengot has never bothered.  All other Divisions are given CFAF 2 million without fund drives. Why must the people of Manyu be tasked to pay for people who are not even from Manyu Division,” our source asked angrily.

“Now Mengot intends to give small amounts as gestures to the families of our Chiefs who died recently. Why did he not think about that before they were buried? This is an insult,” she added.

Will he present an account of the money at the end of the exercise,” our source quipped. 

Below is a list of those who have been bullied into paying for the burial of the two personalities who are supposed to receive allocations from the government.

Manyu Contribution towards funerals of Hon. Nfon V. MUKETE & Hon. Emilia LIFAKA                     

No          Name                                 Amount

1              H.E Victor Mengot           500,000

2              Sen. Nfor Tabetando      500,000

3              Pr. Echu George               200,000

4              Chief AKO TAKEM Chancel           200,000

5              Pr Gloria Some A.             50,000

6              Dr Nkengasu W. oben    30,000

7              Hon. Tanyi TEKU TEKU   150,000

8              H.E MBENG Martin          300,000

9              Mr Edward ABE ETAWO                20,000

10           Pr.ENOWOROCK George              30,000

11           Mr. MANOJI Benedict MUMA    30,000

12           Bar. ABANG TABI Andy  20,000

13           Pr. George ELAMBO NKENG       150,000

14           Hon. AKA Martin              150,000

15           Mr Enoh Peter AYUK      100,000

16           HRM Dr. ORUH Julius AGBOR      20,000

17           HRM MBI ORU Michael 20,000

18           Mr Tambi Joe     20,000

19           Mr AGBOR OBEN E.         25,000

20           Mr Manghe Donatus Asu             100,000

21           Mr Ojong Stephen Ayukogem   20,000

22           Dr Agbor Ambang            50,000

23           Mr OBEN James Agbor  20,000

24           Dr Eyere Mispa Tambe  50,000

25           Pr. MBU Robinson           150,000

26           Mr.AKO Harrison EKU    10,000

27           Dr Etah Collins Ayuk        100,000

28           Hon. Johana Agborntui.Ebangha               150,000

29           Mme NDIEP ASSAM MBIWAN   25,000

30           Pr Agborbechem Peter 30,000

31           Dr Carl Enow Ngachu      100,000

32           Dr EGBE Samuel                30,000

33           Mr Tanyitiku Enohachou Bayee 150,000

34           Mrs Ayuk Sera   30,000

35           Dr Tambi Sammy Ako     100,000

36           Mr Ekwalle Martin Ekwalle           50,000

37           Sir Eyong Echaw Nat       15,000

38           Mr AKAT Fidelis                50,000

39           Dr Etta Arreybessong AKO           25,000

40           Dr Etengene Johanes OJONG     20,000

41           Chief Pr AKO E. OBEN     100,000

42           Mrs EYA AYUK Scholastica            20,000

43           Mme Eteng Doris             25,000

44           Mr Moses ETA Enow      20,000

45           Mr simpson Tabe Ayuk  20,000

46           Mr Ayuk Raphael Arrey 10,000

47           Mrs Bessong Helen Eyere            30,000

48           Mr Godfred Betek Tabi 30,000

49           Mr AWUH Mbia Ekolok  10,000

50           Hon Walter Tarkang        50,000

51           Dr  Okie Tabi Philip           30,000

52           Mrs Ebai Pauline               25,000

53           Mrs Matilda Nkwo           20,000

54           Councillor  Nkaie Moses Eyong  20,000

55           Chief Orock John              15,000

56           Major Etchu Joseph Eyong           50,000

57           sisiko  Akwo Pius              30,000

58           mme AgborTambe Martina         30,000

59           Dr Etchu kinsley                25,000

60           Mrs Carine Ondatess Ochikwa.  30,000

61           Sen.chief Dr Anja Simon               150,000

62           Mr Eyong paul Ayukegbe             25,000

63           Pr Agbor Ntui Michael    25,000

64           Mr Teddy Tambeagbor Tabekwere          25,000

65           Mr ENO Chris OBEN        10,000

66           Bar Kenneth Odi Odi       30,000

67           Mme Bessem winifred Ayuk arrey           20,000

68           Mme Ayukegba Evelyn 50,000

69           Mme Orock Comfort Agbor         50,000

70           Mr ABEY Napoleon NTUI              10,000

71           Mayor Ashu Robertson Tabenchong       50,000

72           Pr Ndip Roland  50,000

73           pr Egbe Andrew               25,000

74           Mr Hastings Eta Ebua      10,000

75           Mrs Roseline Arongagbor 20,000

76           Mr Tanyitiku Bayee Arikia martin              30,000

77           HE.chief Clarson   Mbianyor OBEN       50,000

78           Chief TAMBE Adolf Tanchie         25,000

79           Mr Esua John      100,000

80           Mrs Egbe Sabina               10,000

81           H.E Pr. Sarah Agbor         200,000

82           Dr Ogork Ntui Bessong  150,000

83           Mr Adah Consoler Terkula           10,000

84           Chief Dr OBEN GODSON               30,000

85           Bar. Atem Anya Molotov              20,000

86           Mrs Ekwalle Emilia           25,000

87           Dr mrs Agbor Magdaline Tarkang              25,000

88           Mr Orock Thomas            30,000

89           HRM Ayamba Ita Jacques             50,000

90           Bar. Forchack Forchack Valentine             20,000

91           Pr. EBOT EBOT   150,000

92           Mr Tabot Martin               75,000

93           Mr Epey Samuel               30,000

94           Mr Anja Gilbert Tiku       20,000

95           Mr Agbor Sampson Eyong            30,000

96           ANNONYMOUS                150,000

97           Mr.NDIP Carolyn Ewube               15,000

98           Mr Julius Nkom 20,000

99           Mrs Arrey Magdaline Eneke        10,000

100         Mr. Akomara Jerry Eta   25,000

101         Dr Mrs Ojongnkot Comfort Beyang          15,000

102         Mr Enow Kenneth           75,000

103         Mrs Helen AGBOBESSONG          15,000

104         Mme Emilia Forngang    20,000

105         Pr Obinchemchi Egbe     20,000

106         Mme Valentina Tanyitiku Bessem            30,000

107         Mr Francis Manchang Oben        30,000

108         H.E Jerome Obi ETA        100,000

109         Hon. susan Okpu              20,000

110         Annonymous     100,000

111         Dr Enake Tanyitiku           20,000

112         Pr Maureen Tanyi            15,000

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with files from Rita Akana in Yaounde