CPDM Crime Syndicate: Yaounde elects National Assembly speaker 0

Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, a senior member of the ruling CPDM crime syndicate, the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, was re-elected the country’s House Speaker of National Assembly on Thursday.

During an elective plenary sitting of the House in the capital, Yaounde, Djibril was re-elected with 118 votes and there were 20 void votes.

Born in 1940, Djibril has been the president of Cameroon’s National Assembly since 1992, making him the longest serving house speaker of the country since independence in 1960.

Djibril will preside over the parliament until September when fresh parliamentary and municipal elections are expected to hold in Cameroon.

One of his main tasks, during his brief tenure, is to ensure parliament comes up with a blueprint to de-escalate the armed conflict in Southern Cameroons now known as the Federal Republic of Ambazonia where restoration forces are fighting to create an independent nation.

Xinhuanet with CCN