CPDM has been in shambles since 1985 0

A senior aide to President Paul Biya told Cameroon Concord News on Monday in Yaoundé that the ruling CPDM party has been in shambles since it was created in 1985. The outspoken baron who sued for anonymity also condemned President Biya for slowly but surely pushing the nation into disaster.

The French Cameroun political elite further pointed out that Francophone mediocrity has ruined the nation and sharply divided the ruling party adding that the aftermath of the October 7th presidential election would be ‘disastrous’ if President Biya and the ruling CPDM party fails to heed the US ambassador’s advice.

Cameroon Concord News gathered from another reliable source that the CPDM is badly in need of a new leader and a new idea that can save the party from its current ill-fated flight. We understand, Biya and his gang had long planted a demon that was growing in the womb of the party for their own selfish Francophone Beti Ewondo interest.

There are fears deep within the Central Committee of the CPDM that even after the presidential elections; the ruling CPDM crime syndicate may end up without a genuine leader and without candidates at all legislative arms of government.

Our source said many elderly politicians opposed the idea of Biya seeking a 7th term and had told the party’s Secretary General during a private Central Committee caucus meeting last year. He said President Biya was misled to believe that he was still the people’s choice.

“What happened in the meeting in Mvomeka’a was that there were people who misled Biya and the CPDM hierarchy and are using Biya’s continued stay in power to achieve their own ends. The CPDM has been in shambles in the last three decades.”

The CPDM and Biya have made promises to change the country, to restore things that were working properly under the late President Ahmadou Ahidjo and to cleanse the public service and state owned companies. But the country has now regressed to extending illegally postponing council and parliamentary elections so many times something that doesn’t exist within the constitution of the nation.

Most of the crises Cameroon now faces including the conflict in Ambazonia are as a result of CPDM internal wrangling and illegality, imposition of grassroots leaders, manipulation of the nation’s constitution and extension of tenure of mayors and MPs.

Our Yaoundé city reporter who contributed to this report observed that there are barons within the CPDM party, particularly Francophones, “You see them mostly every day coming to the Unity Palace, they feel that Cameroon belongs to them, they are closer to President Biya than any other person. They antagonize Southern Cameroonians calling them Biafra and Anglos.”

By Asu Vera Eyere with files from Rita Akana