Cuba, Cameroon to foster legislative ties 0

Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra Diaz on Monday met with Etong Ndzok Hilarion, senior vice president of Cameroon’s National Assembly, in Cameroon’s capital of Yaounde to discuss how to strengthen legislative ties between both countries.

“We believe this visit is an opportunity to foster ties at parliamentary and diplomatic levels,” Diaz told reporters after meeting with the senior vice president.

“We are signing a cooperation agreement which will enable us to rethink and identify new horizons … for the development of our communities,” Diaz added.

Diaz underlined Cuba’s deep respect and admiration for Cameroon, “with whom the Caribbean island shares strong ties of solidarity and historical cooperation.”

The senior vice president said the official visit has helped to highlight Cubans’ fondness for Cameroon and the longstanding ties between the two countries.

Source: Xinhuanet