Daughters of Manyu Ireland: Some takeaways from a great celebration in Dublin 0

Thousands of eyes all over the world were on Dublin, but what message did Daughters of Manyu Ireland send out about their home constituency in Cameroon-The Manyu Division?

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group knew this would be a real spectacle, but from an ekpe front row seat at Anus Kitchen Glen Abbey, I watched Daughters of Manyu with all their pomp on show- Moningkim, flamboyant Manyu robes and ekpe regalia.

There were so many old Manyu traditions that were displayed. But who knew, until March 30th that Manyu Seseskous and traditional leaders could interpret sound messages? The Daughters of Manyu Ireland event is what distinguishes Manyu Division in Cameroon from the rest of Africa.

We witnessed in Glen Abbey in County Dublin the inclusion of many other African communities and representatives of the Irish society and Mgbe Manyu UK were involved in a ceremony out of their jurisdiction for the first time ever. Daughters of Manyu Ireland sent out a message of diversity and inclusion never known in the history of the Great Manyu Division.

Another first were the Moningkim ladies. Their dancing thrilled the sell-out crowd. Afterwards, Chief Ebot Agbor of MECA Ireland told this reporter that “you will never see Moningkim that well performed ever again in Europe.”

For hours on that Saturday, DJ Takeaway from Great Britain kept Anus Kitchen filled with simply wonderful music.

Thousands of Manyus saw the live broadcast on Face book; live streaming online, clips turned around on social media and Smartphones made those who answered present photographers.

Daughters of Manyu Ireland is the oldest Manyu women association in Western Europe that has held the hopes of the Manyu people in quite the way that the late Mami Arreyngang did with Glee Club some three decades ago in Mamfe the chief town in Manyu.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai in Dublin