Emilia Lifaka: A victim of her own super spreader event 0

When the Member of Parliament for Fako in the Southwest region, Emilia Lifaka Monjowa, organised a birthday party to celebrate her 62th birthday, little did she know that her birthday party would double as a farewell party.

As a parliamentarian, she was supposed to have known that it was preposterous to organize parties as such parties only turn out to be COVID-19  super spreader events.

The party was mostly attended by women of size, most of them very rich in butts and stomachs that could contain large quantities of food and drinks.

Lifaka and her admirers wanted to defy COVID-19 which has been the real lawmaker for close to two years.

Its rules are clear. No large crowds and no parties. But Lifaka thought COVID-19 was a respecter of persons and her poor judgement has sent her to an early grave.

COVID-19 is just a finisher. Lifaka was a huge woman and she had become a colony of diseases over the years.

From people like her and Prof. Mendo Ze, it is very easy to figure out that government money can turn a slim person into a mammoth.

Lifaka had allowed multiple diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma to converge on her body, transforming it into a modern conference centre for illnesses that have no pity for people who are reckless and careless.

While her supporters are seeking to hide the real cause of her sudden death, hospital sources have intimated that she was a victim of COVID-19. Diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma had outsourced the final phase of their project to COVID-19 and it did a professional job. In this case, COVID-19 seemed to have been a student of the Rapid Results College. It brought the MP down so fast that many people are worried.

It is being speculated that she might have picked up the South African variant that is very violent and hates fat people.

Her death has triggered a wave of fear and all those who attended her super spreader event are all over Cameroon looking for ways to save their lives.

In Fako Division, garlic, lemon and ginger are all in short supply as these ingredients have become the tea of choice for those who defied COVID-19 rules just to attend the party.

For most of them, attending a party organized by the Deputy Speaker of the House was indeed a status symbol, but many of them are trembling in their pants, especially those who have diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

The deputy speaker should have known better and she should have been anti-covid-19 advocate, but she insisted on organizing a party that did not have any raison d’être. Many of those who attended the party are now cursing her for dragging them into that “party of death.”

A lady from Limbe who has elected anonymity and who attended the party because of her connection to Ms. Lifaka has lost sleep ever since she heard that COVID-19 was to blame for the quick disappearance of a speaker who will no longer be speaking, as there is no Cameroon-type parliament wherever she is gone to.

“I hate myself for attending that party. I went there reluctantly because I do respect the Deputy Speaker of the House. I live with eight people in my house and we are all trembling. We will be going to the hospital to get the COVID-19 test just to be on the safe side,” the desperate reveler told the Cameroon Concord News Group correspondent in Fako.

We are no longer at ease. COVID-19 is an uncomfortable inconvenience, but the death of the Member of Parliament has left us in the most unsettling situation. Until, we receive our test results in a few days time, we will not be happy. I am a real wreck for now. I am scared. I feel I might die and leave my children helpless. A few hours of pleasure are today spreading pain and suffering in Fako,” she regretted.

The colonial Southwest regional governor, Okalia  Bilai, is well aware of the tragic death of the Deputy Speaker. He was duly briefed by the Buea Regional hospital director, Dr. Matin Mokake, who advised him that Ms. Lifaka was a victim of COVID-19, adding that she was a perfect candidate for such death because she was immuno-compromised and obese.

Arrangements are underway to give her a befitting burial but there is panic across the country given that she has been brought down by the insidious and uncompromising Coronavirus.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai