Ernest Obama in SED: How Amougou Belinga surrounds himself with an elite team of snipers 0

The mystery of who killed Brian Fombor, a young man stabbed to death by unknown assailants on June 2020 in the Omnisport district in Yaoundé while in the company of his girlfriend, Ivana Essomba suspected of being the mistress of Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga took a new twist this week when investigators announced they have summoned Ernest Obama, Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga’s right-hand man at the time of the murder.

Cameroon Intelligence Report understands that investigators are trying to untangle the skein to know the role that Ernest Obama would have played in this tragic case.

Ivana Essomba seen here on photo attached to this report became on December 2022, the wife of Bruno Bidjang a young journalist Amougou Belinga recently appointed as General Manager of his privately-owned television channel, Vision 4.

Senior security officials in Yaoundé have hinted Cameroon Intelligence Report that Brian Fombor’s alleged killers were part of a Vision 4 group led by Ernest Obama.

Ernest Obama who now moonlights as spokesperson for the Cameroon Football Federation is wanted in SED after a tip-off following the arrest of Belinga Amougou the owner of the L’Anecdote media group and Raymond Thomas Etoundi Nsoe, a retired colonel and former commander of the presidential guard.

The Francophone mafia boss and business tycoon including his top aide Bruno Bidjang are still being questioned. But Cameroon Intelligence Report has some intelligence that would suggest they have knowledge, perhaps some culpability on the murder of Brian Fombor.

Our Yaoundé city reporter said there was a high probability that Ernest Obama, an anti Anglophone extremist was the masked man who teleguided the murder of Brian Fombor.

Amougou Belinga, Paul Atanga Nji and Laurent Esso have been in the business of killing for decades and it is evidently clear that this time around state security apparatus appear to have done a poor job of protecting this CPDM gang.  

The Amougou Belinga-Martinez Zogo affair is extremely sensitive, with news of more arrests emerging.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai