Far North Region: 2 young girl “suicide bombers” blow themselves up in Mora 0

Two suicide bombers died in Mora, in the Mayo-Sava Division on Friday morning during prayers in the Guirbala district, at the entrance to the city. The two suicide bombers blew themselves up by making two light casualties. Another kamikaze was killed in Kolofata, an important locality of Mayo-Sava.

Cameroon Concord News learnt that the kamikaze woman was shot by elements of the defense forces some few seconds before she set off her bomb. The missed attack followed that of June 22nd in Kolofata, where some 8 people were killed and 4 others seriously wounded in a double explosion.

Cameroon is facing a resurgence of attacks attributed to the Nigerian Islamic sect, Boko Haram, which has allegedly pledged allegiance to the Organization of the Islamic State and is now called the Province of the Islamic State in Africa.

The Nigerian sect, although militarily weakened by the Joint Multinational Force, continues to stage regular attacks deep inside the Lake Chad region. In its recent annual report on Central Africa, the UN, acknowledged that Boko Haram, “remains a threat to the countries of Lake Chad and their people”.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai
Cameroon Concord News