Federal Republic of Ambazonia: President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe dissolves caretaker cabinet 0

Message from President Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe

1st May 2019

Dear Compatriots Southern Cameroonian/Ambazonians,

After sufficient review, reflections and consultations upon developments since January 5th 2018, and placing the paramount interest of Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia’s quest for securitization of our restored national identity and independence, and in full discharge of the moral and legal obligations of our servant-leadership, I want to extend my condolences to our bereaved families and reassure our people to remain focused. I hereby announce as follows:

  1. Cognizance has been taken of the fact that despite the material and, particularly, the lives of Southern Cameroonians lost to an unrelenting genocide campaign against our people, the Caretaker Cabinet of the Interim Government (IG) has clearly lost its focus and footing in actualizing our restored independent Statehood and the march to end the illegal occupation of our homeland and our capital city, Buea;
  2. Considering that despite all efforts by well-meaning Ambazonians responding to my appeals to keep the Interim Government afloat by accommodating the Caretaker Cabinet while these issues of infighting in the struggle involving grave improprieties both in management of material and human resources are sorted out, the Caretaker Cabinet has lost the ability to reconcile our people and, in doing so, has imperiled the identity and mission of the Interim Government to complete the decolonization of Southern Cameroons through advancing our collective national interests. It is incumbent on me as Servant leadership Fiduciary to bring redress to the Southern Cameroonians-Ambazonians, to their struggle, and their nation, from their slow descent into a footnote of our own history.

Consequent upon the above:

  1. I hereby declare and direct that the Caretaker Cabinet is forthwith dissolved and that the Cabinet as was in office on January 5th 2018, when myself and parts of the leadership were abducted, be reconstituted, restored and reactivated.
  2. All changes that were made post our abduction are hereby placed on moratorium as of the date of signature of this order.

III. Southern Cameroonians-Ambazonians and the entire world are hereby notified that any individual or group thereof, dealing with whomever other than the Cabinet  as constituted and restored by this order, shall do so at their own risk.

  1. The Country & Regional Coordinators, Members of the Restoration Council, Representatives of the Local Government Areas of Ambazonia (LGA Reps), County Structures, the Ambazonia Security Council (ASC), the Ambazonia Department of SelfDefense (DoD) and all Nationalist Movements are enjoined to individually and collectively give full effect to this order.
  2. Special thanks to the Acting President and to all Ambazonians who have served in previous Cabinets and who currently serve on any other revolutionary platform for your continued dedication to the struggle.
  3. Call on all our activists to direct their focus on continuing to bring awareness to the plight of our suffering people and the atrocities of the enemy.

VII. And we urge our people at home to remain grounded and vigilant in the aspirations of our independence

VIII. Further directives shall be issued in the days ahead.


With gratitude

H.E. Sisiku Julius AyukTabe President, Interim Government, Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia)