Federal Republic of Ambazonia: Yerima warns Biya to withdraw Francophone troops before it’s too late 0

The Southern Cameroons Interim Government (IG) has denounced the recent French Cameroun military deployment to Southern Cameroons, calling on the Yaoundé regime to withdraw its forces from the Federal Republic of Ambazonia before it gets too late.

Vice President Dabney Yerima, in a statement released on Monday, demanded that the French Cameroun regime stop repeated violations of Southern Cameroons sovereignty and deadly raids on ordinary Ambazonian citizens and fully withdraw Francophone army soldiers from Southern Cameroons soil.

The exiled Southern Cameroons leader stated that Ambazonian patience has reached its limit and the continued massacre of innocent Southern Cameroons lives and violations of Southern Cameroons sovereignty were the last straw.

“Ambazonia fighters, which dispelled the myth about La Republique du Cameroun’s military and is subjecting them to humiliation has recommended that Yaoundé should pull out its troops before it is too late,” Yerima warned.

Late on Sunday, the Southern Cameroons Department of Foreign Affairs said Ambazonia fighters will give an adequate response to the latest French Cameroun military aggression in Mezam County.

Cameroon Concord News understands the situation in Southern Cameroons has exacerbated and ordinary Anglophone citizens are now being targeted under flimsy claims and pretexts by the Francophone dominated Cameroon government army.

By Isong Asu