Franck Biya Posters: More than a dozen arrests after Macron visit 0

Police in Yaoundé have arrested several people who held up Franck Biya posters during President Emmanuel Macron visit on Wednesday July 27.

A senior Cameroon government official contacted by Cameroon Concord News but who sued for anonymity said that holding up the Franck Biya posters demonstrated absolute disrespect for the 89-year-old head of state President Biya.

Our source added that the posters had nothing to do with right to freedom of expression which is guaranteed by the Constitution and the law on freedom to express an opinion in public.

The so-called Franck Biya supporters now in police dragnet include Tchouta Marthe Marguerite, Mengan Même Marc Aurélien, Anyouzoa Mbida Éric Arcene- an Accountant at the Central Regional Office, Belinga Obama, Ayissi Robert- a Divisional Delegate at the Centre Region, Nkoumou Jean Chanel, Atangana Assembe Norbert Hermann-Divisional Delegate from Nyon & Foumou, Abafack Marc Berthol, Akoa Marie Christelle, Ntsama Mpega Christian and Sandjock Yves.

A police officer leading the investigation was quoted as saying “political thuggery has no place on the streets of Yaoundé”  but he refused to confirm if Franck Biya, the president’s eldest son will be summoned for questioning on the matter after he was seen sharing a conversation with visiting French President Emmanuel Macron.

Many Francophone opposition figures have described the Franck Biya posters as “utterly shameful“.

By Rita Akana