Francophone media, political elites accuse France and the US of plot to kill Biya 0

Some pro Biya comedians passing for opinion leaders and a group of CPDM media houses have reported that there is too much Western interference and diabolic harsh ploy to destabilise Cameroon.

With less than a month to the presidential election scheduled for October 7 in French Cameroun, several Biya regime media houses have made public what they described as maneuvers by the United States government and the European Union for the destabilisation of Cameroon.

In some of the reports, the Cameroon government media gurus observed that the US State Department recently convened a meeting in Washington grouping some presidential candidates and gave the party leaders instructions on how to combat the 85 year-old dictator who has been in power since 1982.

Prominent journalists of the state owned CRTV have also hinted that the Washington forum was expected to chose a single opposition candidate and fund popular uprisings in case the opposition fails to win on October 7.

The US and EU conspiracy against Cameroon has also been evoked by some opinion leaders in the opposition, like Franck Hubert Ateba, co-founder of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), who accused last April the European Union of financing the popular uprising in Cameroon. Franck Hubert revealed that he was approached several times by a colonel of the French police serving with the French diplomatic mission in Yaoundé. According to Franck Hubert, the French officer met him several times in order to participate in the destabilization of Cameroon and assassinate President Biya.

Like many French Cameroun corrupt media organizations owned by the CPDM crime syndicate, the state radio and television is an important tool of blackmail, misinformation and Paul Biya’s image laundering used by pro Biya comedians like Paul Atanga Nji.

CRTV like Cameroon Tribune are used to perpetrate crimes against Southern Cameroonians far worse than the genocide in Rwanda. They are instruments of mass mobilization through falsehood, corruption of the popular conscience and the deification of the 85 year old dictator who has finally destroyed the tribal tolerance miraculously put in place by the late President Ahidjo. CRTV was and is the conduit through which egregious violations and crimes of unimaginable magnitude are perpetrated against Southern Cameroonians.

CRTV is the conduit through which fraud is celebrated and the flames of the North West/ South West divide are fanned and Francophones soldiers are incited to take up arms against innocent Southern Cameroons civilians. These media organizations remain the voice of hate, sycophancy and intimidation. The question one may ask, is, who benefits from these crimes? The answer points to Paul Biya. This does not absolve Paul Atanga Nji  for the crimes he perpetrated or for accepting to perpetrate or oversee the use of CRTV to perpetrate crimes against Southern Cameroonians in which alleged “enemies dans la maisons” “biafrais” “anglobami” “Opposants” and now are blackmailed and targeted on account of their ethnicity or valid claims for self determination.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai