French Cameroun army using helicopters and machine guns in Southern Cameroons 0

The Ambazonian Interim Government (IG) says French Cameroun military is using helicopters and machine guns in their strikes against Southern Cameroons civilians in rural areas, leaving huge casualties. “Troops loyal to the Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé have resumed onslaughts against the Interim Government-controlled counties in Boyo, Manyu, Bui, Nkambe and Lebialem,” an IG representative in Bui who spoke to us on condition of anonymity said on Thursday.

According to local residents in the Bui County, Cameroon government forces are using helicopters and machine guns in their strikes. The Interim Government representative’s comments came after Cameroon government military spokesman, Colonel Badjeck announced that 30 Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces were killed in Nkambe.

Cameroon government troops have also reportedly targeted Fon palaces in Lebialem, Bafut including parts of the Western region and blamed the attacks on Ambazonian liberation forces. Local sources told Cameroon Intelligence Report that the French Cameroun army disguised as Fulani herdsmen and attack an Ambazonia camp in Nkambe. They also launched helicopter raid on Mbeme inside Kendem village in the Manyu County. There were no immediate reports about possible casualties.

On Monday, the Ambazonian Communications Secretary, Chris Anu condemned the recent military action by the Biya Francophone regime which left more than 40 innocent Southern Cameroons civilians killed and injured. Chris Anu further pointed out that the massacre of Ambazonians and the American missionary, Charles Wesco clearly points to the fact that the French Cameroun army has no respect for moral values, international rules and regulations as well as the lives of innocent Southern Cameroons civilians.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai