French Cameroun: Businessman to challenge the 84 year old dictator 0

A business man who considers himself an advocate of peace, Jean Blaise Gwet has declared his intention to take part in the 2018 Presidential Election in Cameroon. He made the announcement on Wednesday 26th of April 2017 at a press conference organized in Yaoundé.

Jean Blaise Gwet, a member of the Patriotic Movement for Change in Cameroon MPCC Party was endorsed by his party. Apart from announcing his candidature, the candidate unveiled his plans to reshape the country’s political landscape. Jean Blaise said he will be campaigning for peace, human rights and social cohesion.

Nothing is known of him at the national level and some commentators have already opined that he is a Biya agent. The 60 year old Entrepreneur and Executive Officer of Lucky Gwet Solar Energy Company was candidate in the 2011 Presidential election and later declined due to unpreparedness. He is positive that his party will bring meaningful change to French Cameroun.