French Cameroun must stop looting Southern Cameroons natural resources 0

Dr Ngassa Anyangwe, a senior Southern Cameroons medic in the Federal Republic of Germany has called on French Cameroun to end its plunder of Southern Cameroons natural resources and concentrate on the deteriorating health situation of their leader, the 88-year-old Paul Biya.

The prominent Southern Cameroons activist who also moonlights on the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Cooperation (SCBC TV) stated in a recent conversation with Cameroon Concord News that Southern Cameroonians in Germany firmly support the Ambazonia Interim Government headed by Vice President Dabney Yerima in its efforts to wipe out the occupying French Cameroun military with the Big Rubbergun Project.

Dr Ngassa Anyangwe stressed that top Southern Cameroons academics in Germany are legally providing support to the suffering Ambazonians in Ground Zero and Ground One, while some in the US and parts of Europe are busy helping indirectly the occupying forces on the pretext of fighting for Amba leadership.

The renowned medical practitioner went on to say that any Southern Cameroons group purportedly formed to fight French Cameroun colonization should foremost eliminate the French Cameroun threats against our homeland, help in stopping the occupation of a large proportion of Southern Cameroons towns and villages as well as looting Ambazonia natural resources. “But what I see are so-called front line leaders who only rush to respond to what President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe says to Jeune Afrique” Dr Ngassa added.

The Southern Cameroons was one of the territories set for decolonization in the context of the UN decolonization agenda. Britain’s devious handling of it and the British wheeling and dealing at the UN in 1959 and 1960 caused a great historical injustice to the people of the Southern Cameroons. That injustice continues to cry out for redress. British action resulted in the unconscionable imposition of an unnecessary and precipitated plebiscite with dead-end alternatives. Speaking through Lord Perth, Britain shamefully said the Southern Cameroons and its people were “expendable”.

The plebiscite was imposed in the teeth of opposition by the leadership of the trust territory. It offered a Hobson’s choice of ‘joining’ either Nigeria or French Cameroun. The internationally-prescribed political status option of sovereign independence was deliberately excluded. There was no good reason for doing so. On 11 February 1961, a skewed plebiscite was foisted on the people of the Southern Cameroons. Faced with the Hobson’s ‘choice’ that was forced down their throat, the people opted for independence in political association with Republique du Cameroun. It was agreed in writing between the two countries and to the knowledge of Britain and the UN, that the political association would take the form of an aggregative federation of two states, equal in status.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai