Gabon’s Ali Bongo to present New Year address from Rabat 0

The Gabonese president Ali Bongo will address his nation during a New Year’s speech from Rabat where is recovering, according to AFP which cited close sources to the presidency.

According to the news agency, Bongo has instructed his Prime Minister to respond to the expectations of the Gabonese people pending his return.

This will be Bongo’s first speech since he was hospitalized in Saudia Arabia on October 24 after treatment for what the presidency said was severe fatigue.

The Gabonese President was treated in a Riyadh hospital for more than a month before being transfered to Rabat, Morocco. Here, he was first taken to a military hospital, then to a private residence where is currently recuperating.

His Vice President, Pierre Claver Maganga Moussavou said Bongo suffered a stroke.