German language regional pedagogic inspectors meeting in Yaounde 0

Regional Pedagogic Inspectors for the German Language in Cameroon are meeting to learn improved methods of teaching the language in Secondary Schools. The three-day seminar opened at the Goethe Institute of Learning in Yaounde on the 18th of October 2016 prompted by poor teachings as revealed by the writings on the photo attached to this report by state-owned radio and television, CRTV.

The forum is holding under the theme, “the Teaching, Learning and Assessment of German Learners using Competent-based Approaches.” Organised by the Ministry of Secondary Education and the Goethe Institute, the seminar aims at providing teachers with new and better teaching techniques.

While chairing the opening ceremony, the Inspector Coordinator General in charge of Letters, Arts and Languages at the Ministry of Secondary Education, Charles Etoundi expressed the Ministry’s commitment to improve on the capacity of its teachers in order that goodbye will not be translated as goodbye in German but Auf Wiedersehen.

The Pedagogic Inspectors will also be introduced to a new international school exchange programme for teachers involved in the teaching of the German language. The programme is intended to create learning partnerships in a bid to improve pedagogic skills and create better working conditions for teachers. The session ends on 20th October 2016.