It looks like Paul Biya’s judgment day has finally come 0

Camair-Co is seeking another government bailout but this time the CPDM thieves are saying that the financial support will be to cover aircraft insurance cost.  The trains are not functioning and the entire nation is witnessing horrible power failure.  The army and the elite force known as the Rapid Intervention Battalion are disgruntled. The Special Criminal Court has ran short of ideas, the regime is cash trapped, Southern Cameroons has become ungovernable, Boko Haram has reemerged in the Far North Region and above all, coronavirus is chasing Biya and his ageing French Cameroun political elites.

Airline tags on some few suitcases carried by Brenda Biya and her mother, First Lady Chantal Biya recently via the Nsimalen International airport did not speak of a bref sejour en Europe or hint at a family holiday in Geneva. They are fleeing from the Brenda Biya’s social media shame and the numerous political scandals exploding inside the Unity Palace. Chantal Biya and her kids have started travelling out of the country incognito! They need to move — but this time around Chantal Biya and her children are not sure of where they are going. 

Outside Brenda Biya’s window as revealed on a video she posted on Face Book, expensive TV sets, laptops and mobile telephones are jammed with luxury cars, painting a picture of a young woman desperate to escape the emptiness of the French Cameroun royalty but with little option of where to go. Her health is failing and the situation is same for her brothers.

All this is happening in the absence of the family head President Paul Biya who is busy commanding regime forces to burn everything and leave Southern Cameroonian towns and villages without a single hut.

Thousands of Southern Cameroons civilians are trapped in the bushes in rural areas in Bui, Menchum, Manyu, Ndian, Lebialem and Kupe Munaneguba where an intense military campaign and ground assault by army soldiers loyal to President Paul Biya have forced more people to flee to neighboring Nigeria despite calls by the UN Secretary General for a coronavirus pandemic ceasefire.

The French government of President Macron, diplomats from Francophone African countries and the Francophone African Union chair person, Moussa Maki Mahamat are President Biya’s main international players who are working extremely hard and making sure that the international community continues to ignore the genocidal campaign going on in Southern Cameroons.

However, Biya family problems are now the scene of an unfolding humanitarian disaster and the dying days of his ruling CPDM crime syndicate regime. His poor and corrupt leadership, his tribal structuring of the Cameroonian public service and the army including the war in Southern Cameroons has left thousands of people dead, forced half the population of Southern Cameroons from their homes and pushed more than fifty thousand Southern Cameroonians to seek refuge in Nigeria.

But things are indeed falling apart in Etoudi and in Mvomeka’a -the last areas where Biya and his family can be free! That is why we of the Cameroon Concord Group are saying that it looks like Paul Biya’s judgment day has finally come!

Biya’s demise is so important — not just to the people of the two Cameroons but to all Southern Cameroonians that have been out for four years now demanding their freedom and dignity.

Biya and his French Cameroun gang have ignored multiple calls for a ceasefire from powerful international voices and the Francophone dominated army is pushing its war machinery emptying village after village in Southern Cameroons.

Recently, the Yaoundé regime has been issuing numerous presidential decrees appointing and sacking some highly placed civil servants all in a bid to give the impression that Mr. Biya is still in charge! But underneath these empty presidential decrees is a glaring indication that there is almost nowhere left for President Biya and his family to run. 

Does Biya have enough resources to sustain his regime? No.  Is Biya on top of things in Yaoundé? No. Has he the energy level required to run the affairs of the two Cameroons? No. The scale of the crises: Southern Cameroons, Boko Haram, Central African Republic, succession palaver and failure of all administrative branches of government is enormous.

Cameroon government army and militias loyal to Minister Paul Atanga Nji have reclaimed Ambazonia-held towns and cities. But the Yaoundé regime is not in control of Southern Cameroons. With Southern Cameroonians once again rallying behind their Interim Government and its Vice President Dabney Yerima, an unthinkable scenario and a decisively turning point are expected soonest in the battle for the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. But Biya will no longer be a part of the break dance as it looks like his judgment day has finally come!

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai