Journalist Martinez Zogo Affair: Laurent Esso faces life in jail 0

Justice Minister Laurent Esso, who had led several concocted high-profile CPDM government investigations into corruption, is now en route to jail for life for participating in the murder of journalist Martinez Zogo.

Laurent Esso has been in the business of killing for decades and he is expected to be auditioned by state prosecutors at the Yaoundé Military Court following a decision by the 90-year-old President Biya.

Esso has been in the Biya government ever since the 90-year-old dictator came to power in 1982 and has led many high-profile investigations and crackdowns including a probe into the famous Albatross affair.

Recently, investigators admitted that Laurent Esso has a special relationship with business tycoon Amougou Belinga and that he reportedly participated in the killing of journalist Martinez Zogo.

Ahead of Amougou Belinga’s arrest in the nation’s capital Yaoundé, investigators also established that Laurent Esso had also been part of the criminal gang of the Francophone mafia boss and shared a telephone conversation with Belinga minutes before journalist Martinez Zogo was murdered.

Justice Minister Laurent Esso is also being accused of covering several cases of murder brought against Amougou Belinga.

The influence of Esso, who is yet to receive his summon within the ruling CPDM party has been described by top Biya aides as a cancer that should to be eliminated.

On Tuesday, Amougou Belinga and his gang were ferried in very old National Gendarmerie Toyota pickups to the Yaoundé Military Court in a move described by many political commentators in Yaoundé as the end of the preliminary investigation into the journalist Martinez Zogo affair.

Like Laurent Esso, they all have been accused of being part of the clique that killed journalist Martinez Zogo.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai