La Republique: Minister of Territorial Administration appoints his son DO of Kribi 0

The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization in La Republique du Camroun, Rene Sadi has installed his son Gilles Christian Sadi as the Divisional Officer in the Southern Ocean Sub Division. The installation ceremony took place on Saturday the 14th of October , 2017 and was watched by a docile French Cameroun public.

In what some observers see as the beginning of a Minister Rene Sadi take over  of the country after Biya, Gilles Christian Sadi is now head of the Kribi district III. The Saturday, October 14, 2017 event was unprecdented and the presence of the administrative body was remarkable. Three Senior Divisional Officers and twenty Divisional Officers were part of the audience that attended the ceremony. Among the three prefects, was the all-powerful Rene Sadi acolyte, the SDO of Mfoundi, Jean-Claude Tsila.

Sadi Senior

Gilles Christian Sadi, son of René Emmanuel Sadi, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization (MINATD), will now have to work to fulfill mission of helping his dad get a smooth transition from Biya.

Speaking during the occasion, the SDO for the Ocean Division, Antoine Bissaga, said Sadi Junior’s greatest challenge is that of land. “Put all your genius, your integration and your objectivity into all land transactions. Beware of land sellers or those who will offer you. Because I must admit that in Kribi, the terrain slips dangerously in all seasons. Please do not slip during the dry season and fall, “he advised.

By Rita Akana, CCN