Manchester: Sasse Old Boys Celebrate St. Joseph’s Feast Day 0

Members of the Sasse Old Boys Association in the United Kingdom joined their counterparts throughout the globe to celebrate Saint Joseph’s Feast Day, the day established to honour St. Joseph as the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the step-father of Jesus Christ with church services and convention.

Preaching the sermon at Our Lady and Lancashire Martyrs Diocese of Salford, Fr Emmanuel Nuh in his homily gave a justification on why the Feast of Saint Joseph is now a popular custom deep within the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Fr Peter Watson and Fr Bill Tollah both former lecturers at Saint Joseph College Sasse were full of praise for SOBA UK. The two retired clerics expressed their joy and satisfaction meeting with the new generation of Sasse Old Boys.

The Sasse Old Boys were reminded that anyone who comes to Sasse College begins a life-long academic journey that makes you a part of God’s plan.

The Alumni life simply focuses on multiplying and consolidating individual and collective gains deep within SOBA UK and it is available to all ex-students of Sasse College residing in the United Kingdom and all should avail themselves of the opportunity by accepting to be members of SOBA UK.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai