Manyu County: Military and fake Amba enforce lockdown in Ossing 0

The citizens of the town of Ossing have all escaped into the bushes surrounding the town, as the military and fake Amba continue to sow chaos and panic in the town.

Currently, the town is empty, as all the young men and women have skipped town following a raid by the military on Tuesday that targeted all the able-bodied men and women.

The military, which is frustrated after failing to mobilize enough resources for its reckless social activities, showed up in the town and arrested a young man from late General James Tataw’s neighbourhood and took him around the town, obliging him to take them to the bushes where the honest and hardworking citizens of Ossing were hiding.

There is panic all over the place. The young man does not know all the Ossing jungle. Ossing has millions of hectares of forest, some of it being sacred, and it will be preposterous to think that an individual can have sound knowledge of the forest.

Speaking to a resident of the city, Cameroon Concord News Group gathered that the military in Mamfe has the nasty habit of raiding villages and towns when the soldiers are broke.

The military has transformed innocent citizens into its ATM and each time the soldiers are broke, they show up and arrest innocent people who must pay before they are released.

“We have all fled to our farms and bushes. They cannot find us once we melt into our jungle. We don’t have any money to give these crooks in uniform. We are tired of being arrested for crimes we have not committed. They can own the houses. We will only return after the elections. They want to oblige us to vote. We have nothing to do with their elections,” the Ossing resident told the Cameroon Concord News Group correspondent in Mamfe.

He added that “we are really suffering here. Many people who escaped military violence in their own towns now live with us and this has made us a target. The military is always showing up to ensure that there are no fighters in the village and there are none living here with us.”

“They better go into the jungle to arrest the real fighters who are armed to the teeth and are prepared to take on the military. Our people are suffering because the military is not playing its role as the people’s protector. Instead, it is harassing us every day for money,” he said.

 Meanwhile, the criminals who killed the regent chief of Ossing returned a few days ago to capture one of the councilors. The councilor and the wife have skipped town, conscious of the fate that the fake Amba fighters have reserved for them.

Cameroon Concord News Group has been trying to get in touch with the councilor, but to no avail. Many people suspect he might have switched off his phone, as he knows that the criminals might call his number.

The lockdown in Ossing is the worst, as residents of the town are stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. The military and the fake Amba seem to be in an unholy alliance.

According to another resident, the military and the fake fighters seem to have agreed on a schedule. If the military is not around, the fake fighters show up to make life hard for the residents, he said.

“Now that we are all in the jungle, the lockdown will be total. Ossing is now officially a ghost town. No young man will show up there. The military are walking the streets and they will stop at nothing when it comes to arresting our people. We are better off living in our jungle than in the city. From time to time, we only show up to see if our old parents are still alive. That’s how we now live. That’s the Hell the government has created for us,” he regretted.

By Oke Akombi Ayukepi Akap in Glasgow with files from Kingsley Betek