Manyu CPDM barons in Mamfe, Egbekaw helped gun men kill Mayor Ojong 0

The mayor of Mamfe, Presley Ojong was heading to his village Eshobi some few miles from the chief town in the Manyu County. Two heavily armed soldiers from the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) provided security for him en route to Eshobi.

They crossed the Satom Bridge and took the main road destined for Eshobi. The Senior Divisional Officer for Manyu and the Commander of the Besongabang regiment were all aware of the mayor’s trip.

The mayor had no reason to request for more soldiers as he was going to an area where his people were celebrating him as the first prominent figure in Manyu from Eshobi after the renowned veteran journalist Lawrence EyongEchaw.

Rising concerns about the mayor’s own security came deep inside Mamfe town and from CPDM bigwigs who had vowed never to allow an Eshobi person to be mayor.

The trip to Eshobi would be Mayor Ojong’s last. Bullets fired from an AK47 killed him and wounded the two soldiers in his entourage. The bullets were aimed at him only.

There has not been any Cameroon government investigation into the attack that killed the mayor and soldiers have still not been deployed to the area.

The Francophone administration in the Manyu County reportedly blamed the attack on a Southern Cameroons activist based in the USA.

Cameroon Intelligence Report have focused its investigation on the Mamfe Council politics and we can now reveal that highly placed Manyu CPDM party officials used their informants inside Mamfe and Egbekaw village collaborated with gun men passing for Ambazonia Restoration Forces to help track and pinpoint the mayor’s position, according to interviews we conducted with four political rivals of the late mayor (names withheld).

Our senior correspondent in Buea who is presently in Manyu leading the investigation hinted that the scantily attended funeral ceremony organized in loving memory of the mayor with posters blaming the attack on Eric Tataw and the Manyu diaspora in the USA are all attempts at covering up strong indications that a Manyu CPDM network of armed militia were involved in the killing of the mayor.

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By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with Intelligence files from Mamfe