Martyrdom 0

Our days are numbered
As we lead the mantle of freedom
Through the shadows of darkness
And the city of doon

Our spirits are weary
To leave their dusty temples
Unprepared to depart
With victory’s trumpet unsounded

At moments like this
You get to feel lonely
Even a little scared
Of what lies ahead

The cup is bitter
But one from which to drink
For choosing justice’s path
In the city of sodom

The path may seem dark
Even though we hear from afar
The whistle blowing the golden free bird
With an olive branch in its beak
Flying across the mungo river
Eastward from the Ambass bay

We are summoned to the foots
Of the pilgrim ways of mount fako
To chant in chorus and faith
A changed song of the free bird

You may have to bury the dead
But if you be spared the cup
Weep not for those who drank it
For they rightly made a choice
Between freedom and slavery

By Dr Christmas Ebini