Minister Atanga Nji must face probe over killing of journalist Samuel Wazizi 0

The leader of the Ambazonia Interim Government says French Cameroun government actions that killed journalist Samuel Wazizi must be investigated as a war crime.

Separate investigations by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International revealed that the Ministry of Territorial Administration was directly involved in the killing of the Anglophone journalist.

On Saturday, Vice President Dabney Yerima called for an immediate, independent, and transparent investigation by the International Criminal Court that holds Minister Paul Atanga Nji and other Francophone perpetrators to account for the crime.

Cameroon Intelligence Report correspondent in Yaoundé hinted recently that evidence indicates that Minister Paul Atanga Nji teleguided the operations that killed Wazizi, making it a war crime.

Dabney Yerima told members of the Southern Cameroons war cabinet that the brutal murder of journalist Samuel Wazizi remains an unlawful and apparently deliberate attack on the free press in Southern Cameroons.

Yerima furthered that for over six years now, French Cameroun military operations have been direct attack on Southern Cameroons civilians that must be investigated as a war crime.

No Southern Cameroons journalist should ever be targeted or killed simply for carrying out their work. Biya and his French speaking gangs must not be allowed to kill and attack Southern Cameroons journalists with impunity,” Yerima concluded.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai