Mother of late Cameroonian musician says her son was a victim of sexual abuse 0

The mother of the late Cameroonian artist, Achallé has made a shocking revelation on the life of the young Cameroonian musician and winner of the Star2Demain in 2006. In a video, the young woman accused the Cameroonian society for making her only child, a “sex slave.” “Achalle was a victim of sexual abuse” she declared. She revealed that her son confided in her how he was sodomized in his youth and forced to become homosexual.

In the video, she noted that the networks operating in Cameroon led her son to believe that homosexuality was the only way forward. She added that Cameroon is in complete darkness with children being abused in schools, in churches and elsewhere.  Achalle, who was 30, died Wednesday in the South West region from liver cancer.

Rita Akana (Cameroon Concord News Group)