Murder of Bamenda Business Tycoon: Was Mou Ibrahim target of a ‘hit’ 0

Mou Ibrahim, a Bamenda-based business tycoon who also moonlighted as CEO of Mawa Hotel was gunned down by a Cameroon government army soldier.

Cameroon Intelligence Report senior correspondent in Bamenda who is currently with the police officers investigating the case alongside the military and the Ministry of Territorial Administration said investigators  are now of the opinion that the premeditated murder was related to a dispute involving the victim’s business empire.

Bamenda detectives believe the owner of Mawa Hotel shot outside the famous Ayaba Hotel was the target of a ‘hit’.  We gathered that police will in the coming days question the dead man’s family and others about the killing.

Mou Ibrahim was slain Wednesday by a soldier who pumped three bullets into his body as he stood outside Ayaba Hotel.

Senior police officers contacted by Cameroon Intelligence Report refused to reveal any more details about the investigation.

Security camera footage from Ayaba Hotel shows the soldier as he approached Mou Ibrahim who was sharing a conversation with a close aide before shooting both men repeatedly.

Mou Ibrahim owned a number of businesses including Mawa Hotel.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai