Of Ngarbuh and Bafut Massacres and the arrest of Captain Jacques Tchenem Valkossa 0

Out of shame and embarrassment, the operations manager of the French Cameroun war machinery in Southern Cameroons, Joseph Beti Assomo has said in a press release that the Francophone army captain Jacques Tchenem Valkossa who carried out the massacre at Ngarbuh has been disarmed and forced back to Yaoundé where he will be tried at the Military Court next week.

The Defense boss also revealed in the communiqué that Captain Valkossa of the Fourth Amphibious Rapid Intervention Battalion led a team of seven soldiers who opened fire on a farm mother of three and beheaded a civilian suspected of being a leader of a separatist group.

Mr Joseph Beti Assomo concluded his flat press release that was made public on state radio and television by offering his condolences to the families of the bereaved and warned the military to remain professional in accordance with a recent presidential order punishing crimes by soldiers.

If you have been following the war in Southern Cameroons, you will know Mr. Joseph Beti Assomo who said that French Cameroun soldiers would implement President Biya’s war decision without batting an eyelid.  He seek and gotten a longer timeframe to submit a fake Ngarbuh Massacre report to the international community on the numerous atrocities committed by French Cameroun army soldiers in that locality and in Southern Cameroons in general.

Beti Assomo’s statement came out on the same day that the French Cameroun army staged another massacre operation in Bafut, in the Mezam County. Cameroon government military trucks loaded with soldiers entered Bafut via Metap village firing shots and explosives. Several Southern Cameroons houses were set on fire in Mankwi, followed by the arrest of 10 civilians.

Cameroon Intelligence Report thinks it is of vital importance to state that this new massacre comes just days after the publication of the report on the Ngarbuh incident, following a so-called independent investigation by the Head of State, Paul Biya.

All military judges and army and gendarmerie commanders are from President Paul Biya’s Beti Ewondo tribe whose main goal is to keep Biya and his tribal setting in power and plunder Southern Cameroons wealth.  The Yaoundé government will not allocate any resources required to pursue another investigation in Bafut as they have done in the past.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai