President Biya’s health: doctors long implanted a pacemaker in his heart 0

The succession crisis at the heart of Cameroon is clearly deeper than that in the heart of the regime’s leader President Paul Biya.

Cameroon Intelligence Report has been reliably informed that Swiss doctors implanted a pacemaker in the heart of president Biya during his last trip to Geneva.

Our source added that the crisis at the heart of the Francophone dominated regime is deeper than the crisis in the heart of its head of state.

The ruling CPDM crime syndicate is 42 years old and many in both French and English speaking Cameroon think that now is the best time to evaluate the success or failure of President Biya and his acolytes in managing state affairs.

According to several indicators compiled by our London Bureau Chief Isong Asu, the situation of the 42 year old Biya government in terms of responsiveness indicates the worst scenario compared to other CEMAC states like Gabon and Congo Brazzaville.

The Biya regime has the worst record in the regulation and quality of legislation, especially for the economy. Immediately after he took office from the late Ahmadou Ahidjo economic crises became more pronounced.

For 42 years, Biya has based his policies on false therapeutic promises that are now being ridiculed by many including legendary Cameroonian musician Richard Bona.

For 42 years, people’s livelihoods have been severely affected by the crises created and exacerbated by the Biya government. Cameroonians have protested against the incompetence of the ruling government until many recently turned to prayers calling for some sought of divine intervention.

The Biya administration is an extreme one, and needs someone from inside to take it down as quickly as possible,” said Rita Akana, our Yaoundé City Reporter.

Our Beti, Bulu and Ewondo communities all share a responsibility to stop the deep division, polarization and rift among the Cameroonian people,” a senior CPDM official said during a televised debate on Equinox TV.

Dr Joachim Arrey of the Global Think Tank for Africa in a conversation with this reporter advocated for a judicial overhaul of the electoral code. Dr Arrey observed that only “ELECAM has the prerogative of publishing election results and only ELECAM-published results will be acceptable. It should also be pointed out that in the event of any election disputes; only the Constitutional Council has the right to address such issues. Once more, it is the President’s constitutional right to appoint the president and members of the Constitutional Council. Except Mr. Biya and his people completely lose their minds, there will never be any accident in this regard.”

The country’s political opposition will never win an election if the current political dispensation is not reformed to reduce the ruling party’s grip on the country” Dr Arrey Furthered.

In addition to economic problems and crises, the human rights situation in Cameroon has turned into a disaster. The government’s execution machine and repression are never silent.  Biya is currently sacrificing his Beti Bulu political elites to save himself from internal crises.

The eruption of war in Southern Cameroons remains part of the destructive policies adopted by Biya and his government. Biya and his gang fantastically believed that igniting this war would bring them significant benefits. The outcome of the current war in Southern Cameroons increasingly demonstrates the strategic failure of the regime.

There are many parameters that the regime cannot overcome the numerous crises in Cameroon.  They include the government’s empty coffers and massive printing of banknotes that have severely depreciated the FCFA currency and also led to inflation and staggering price hikes.

Observing the current goings-on in the government, Biya’s deteriorating health and widespread and systematic corruption, it is evidently clear that the situation in Yaoundé is more critical for the dictator.

Biya, his family members and his CPDM criminals must now prepare themselves to deal with very challenging conditions. Can they navigate these crises with the current situation? The realities show that Biya has reached the final phase, from which it is impossible to escape this whirlpool.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Chairman and Editor-In-Chief

Cameroon Concord Group