Protecting the Homeland: General Elokobi Daniel satisfied with French cooperation 0

A training in emergency intervention techniques which covered strategies used in conceiving, preparing and carrying out operations in crowded environments to track terrorist and free hostages has ended in Yaounde.According to officials, equipping Cameroon’s defence and security with skills to effectively anticipate and counter any terrorist operations ahead of major events in the country including the Women’s Africa Cup Nations is indispensable.  Non-commissioned officers of the Gendarmerie and National Security personnel have taken part in two separate training courses in planning and execution of anti-terrorist operations.

The first continent composed on 15 police and 15 gendarmes including 9 female officers from the respective corp where trained at the Judicial Police Training Centre of the National Gendarmerie in Yaoundé. They were educated on the mode of operation of terrorist movements, their potential targets and how to anticipate and stop their atrocities. Techniques of investigating crime scenes and elaborating reports for the judiciary were also learnt.  The officers refreshed their minds on the working of the international police organisation, Interpol.

The Central Director of Coordination of the National Gendarmerie, Brigadier General Elokobi Daniel Njock saluted the French cooperation for the training that was facilitated by French experts. He called on the laureates to share the newly acquired skilled with colleagues in their respectively units.

Another refresher course took place in Mbankomo for 26 non-commissioned officers of the Multi-Purpose Intervention Group of the National Gendarmerie. They were trained on techniques of liberating hostages and tracking terrorist in confined areas like hotels, stadia, sports complex, planes, and trains.

The Inspector No 1, of the National Gendarmerie, Colonel Ekongwese Divine Nnoko who closed the session called on the soldiers of the intervention force to be on the alert and ready at all times. He said evidence has showed that terrorists turn to attack civilian, strategic and military installations and it’s incumbent on them to anticipant, prevent and where necessary free hostages.