Race for Aso Rock: Almost all Nigerians say they don’t need another Biya in Africa 0

Reaction among voters in the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the news that former Vice President Abubakar Atiku has been nominated as presidential candidate  to run under the banner of the Nigeria People’s Democratic Party has been mixed with a majority saying they don’t think we need another President Biya in Africa.

Many voters in the Federal Republic of Nigeria have so far been more adamant, including those who are expressing support for the so-called policy of zoning.

The Atiku campaign is not saying much for now and its communication department prefers to stick to the current talking points deep within the APC the ruling party.

Many voters are bashing the former Vice President over his continued stay in Dubai and coincidentally or not, Atiku has a long standing relationship with President Biya who runs Cameroon from the InterContinental Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Nigeria will always be the loser, why should anyone for God’s sake be supporting a man like Atiku who lives permanently in Dubai?  It is time for a neutral third option and I think that option is Governor Peter Obi,” Stephen Ademola, a Nigerian opinion leader in Ireland said.

Obviously Atiku has a very good base of donors deep within the PDP party for his long record and also for being a Vice President under OBJ, but this will not provide him with any real advantage,” Lucky Okusun, another Nigerian contacted by Cameroon Concord News said.

Asked about the prospect of Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu the 70-year-old Nigerian politician and poster boy of the All Progressives Congress running the country, and whether Nigeria similarly didn’t need another Buhari, Stephen Ademola was more emphatic. “It will be another empty eight years” Stephen Ademola said.

I think it would be wonderful if Nigeria elects somebody like Governor Peter Obi who actually knows what to do and has lots of experience dealing the private sector,” added Ademola.

By Engelis Okesack Besong