SONARA Meltdown: Prime Minister Dion Ngute is losing sleep 0

The newly minted Prime Minister of Cameroon, Dion Ngute, is losing sleep following the explosion at the country’s lone oil refinery located in his native southwest.

Mr. Ngute who spent a huge chunk of his time during his recent visit to the region dancing, is now suffering from insomnia, as the burden of getting the international community to come and rebuild the jinxed refinery rests on his fragile shoulders. Mr. Biya whose health has spiralled out of control lacks the credibility to mobilize resources from bilateral and multilateral sources.

After having spoken about the country’s sovereignty for a long time, the country’s authorities are now faced with the huge challenge of demonstrating that sovereignty by rebuilding the refinery without turning to those they have abused on several occasions.

Mr. Ngute will surely need to adopt a different rhetoric if he really wants to mobilize resources in record time. Times are hard and the adverse effects of SONARA’s meltdown are already emerging. The race against time is on, but has Dion Ngute got the right running shoes?

Kingsley Betek, the Cameroon Concord News Group‘s lead investigative reporter, will be providing updates on the state of confusion at the Star Building. He has been talking with senior officials of the Prime Minister’s Office and his thoughts will be yours in Cameroon Concord News and Cameroon Intelligence Report, your best online platforms for the latest on Cameroon. Stay tuned!