Southern Cameroons: Acting President to address the nation after IG bans on ADF, AMF 0

The Ambazonian Acting President Dr Ikome Sako will be addressing the nation tomorrow at exactly 8 pm Southern Cameroons time.  This information was made public by Communications Secretary, Hon. Chris Anu. The Southern Cameroons Interim Government did not provide any further details of the anticipated political discourse on the state of the Ambazonian revolution.

However, people in the know have opined that Acting President Sako’s December 31st message will focus on the decision taken by the Interim Government to ban the ADF, AMF and SOCADEF. We understand the activities of some traitors of the Southern Cameroons revolution including a certain Cho Ayaba and his collaborators have been shameful, disgusting and disgraceful and the people on ground zero are tired of them.

By these measures, the Ambazonian Interim Government has saved the Southern Cameroons restoration forces from being branded terrorist organizations as the Biya Francophone government has been lobbying. The execution of many Ground Zero forces by members of the Cho Ayaba ADF gang and the extortion by the Ayaba and Akwanga forces including from missionaries and sealing the Church in Muyenge are serious excesses the international community has expressed concerns about.

The Interim Government has preempted sanctions by the US which could have crippled the revolution. Our Buea city reporter who contributed to this report noted that banning these traitors is the most responsible action.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai