Southern Cameroons: Baba 1 Kingmakers move against choice of new Fon 0

A fresh crisis is brewing over the process of getting a new Fon of Baba I situated in Ngoketunjia Division in the North West region, as all ten kingmakers have rejected one Fue Nghaper as the candidate for the stool.

The ten notables in the Ngumba who constitute the Mohs have separately petitioned the North West administrative authorities, warning against the recognition of a primary school pupil who they described as not ready for the throne.

Ever since the late Fon Fuekemshi II travelled to the land of his ancestors, members of the Ngumba have met and performed the noble rituals but Cameroon Intelligence Report North West Bureau Chief observed that no discussion was opened on succession.

A source with strong ties to the Baba I palace contacted by this reporter revealed that the Fon of Guzang with the support of some Baba I political elites in the ruling CPDM crime syndicate were part of the dubious process that brought the young Fue Nghaper II to the limelight as the new Fon of Baba I.

The Baba I kingmakers are expected to make public a statement soonest calling on the administration to be wary of recognizing Fue Nghaper II as the new Fon.

Some concerned Baba I elites have also voiced their support for the Ngumba saying that Fue Nghaper is unqualified and they have appealed to the kingmakers to stop the desecration of the customs and tradition of the Baba I people.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with files from CIR Bamenda Bureau