Southern Cameroons Crisis: America Mulls Sanctions against Individuals 0

As the government of Cameroon steps up its killings of citizens in the northwest and Southwest regions, the American Administration is considering sanctions against:

1) Cavaye Yegue Djibril
2) Joseph Beti Assoumo
3) Rene Sadi
4) Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh
5) Fame Ndongo
6) Atanga Nji
7) Issa Tchiroma
as well as a number of military officials who have ordered their troops to kill civilians.

A source close to the State Department has hinted that a decision will be made before the end of the month, adding that measures being considered against these individuals include but not limited to the freezing of assets, travel bans and refusal of visas to their family members.

The US is still discussing with its partners and despite French efforts to plead Mr. Biya’s case, the Trump Administration has incontrovertible evidence against the Yaounde regime which makes it hard for the US to look the other way while Mr. Biya’s troops mow down their fellow citizens.

The Trump Administration is pissed off with the Biya regime for its continuous refusal to end hostilities in the two English-speaking regions of the country and its rejection of the call for inclusive dialogue.

The US undersecretary of State for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy, has been briefing Congressmen on the goings-on in Cameroon.

He has made it a duty to share the gruesome images coming from the two English-speaking regions of the country with US law-makers who are angry with the Cameroon government for its atrocities on its own citizens.

The latest being the mass killings in Ossing where soldiers killed a lady and her three children and buried them in a shallow grave.

Also, in Esu and Jakiri, soldiers beheaded many civilians. The people of Esu and Jakiri have been burying their dead today.

The world is shocked at those atrocities and the US is not amused, especially as the images have been shared with congressmen.

Relations between the two countries have been at their lowest ever since America withdrew its military assistance from Cameroon.

The Trump Administration is considering further measures that will help bring down the Yaounde government.

The American Administration is looking at its aid to the Cameroon government to see which of its loans and grants can deliver maximum pain to the Biya regime.

More will be yours in the days ahead in the Cameroon Concord News

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai.