Southern Cameroons Crisis: Bamenda Military Tribunal Jails Ambazonia Activists 0

The Bamenda Military Tribunal yesterday the 12/07/2019 handed down judgment in the People Vs Numvi Walters, Che Clovis, Tabukum Andrew and Kongnso Stephen affair. The Accused Persons herein were charged with terrorism, Secession, Revolution and other offences which all carry sentences from 10 years upwards otherwise known as felonies.

Numvi Walters and Che Clovis were sentenced to serve 15 years imprisonment terms each and then pay fines of 300000frs and 200000frs CFA respectively.  Kongnso Stephen’s charge was reclassified to Failure to inform public authorities of the impending danger and sentenced to 4 years imprisonment with Fine of 100000frs CFA whilst Tabukum Andrew was discharged and acquitted.

Cameroon Concord News understands that the case was started in 2015 by Barrister Shufai Blaise Sevidzem Berinyuy and Barrister Harmony Bobga but has now been completed by a college of lawyers led by Barrister Awah Joseph Fru .

The other lawyers in court yesterday for the defense included Barrs SUH FUH Benjamin, ALAMBI and Barr FORNKWA Paul NDEY who recently returned home to serve his people after a brilliant career as a High Court Judge in The Gambia.

The case started with a very serious illegality

That the boys were arrested and investigated by the Judicial Police on the basis of an Administrative Order of the governor of the North West Region who is a political appointee. It is a very serious illegality because   Criminal actions are commenced by way of an order of a Magistrate acting either as State Counsel, Investigating Magistrate or Judge of the court and never by an administrative officer.

Numvi Walters and Che Clovis had been arrested on the 07 May 2015 allegedly manufacturing explosives to use to blow off government structures and frustrate celebration of 20th May 2015 in their country, The Federal Republic of Ambazonia which allegation they are said to have confirmed before the Governor LeLe L’Afrique of NW Region and his whole Etat Major! The governor therefore signed the 15 days renewable Administrative Order which he renewed twice to enable the officers of Judicial Police carryout investigations.

The whole trial has been a travesty of Justice

Numvi Walters a High School dropout and Che Clovis a student at Government Technical High School Bamenda and Tabukum Andrew a metal “Bender” as they call him were arrested in Bamenda sometime on the 7th May 2015 for allegedly manufacturing bombs to blow up government structures including grand stands in Bamenda, Buea, Kumbo, Limbe and other localities to frustrate any celebrations for la Republique du Cameroun National Day, 20th May 2015.

Stephen Kongnso was arrested in his Kumbo residence as a suspect on Saturday 9th May 2015 whilst Pa Vincent Jumbam was another suspect later released after close to 7 months of incarceration and torture.  Vincent Jumbam is a retired teacher and activist arrested inside the Catholic Church located at To-oy in the outskirts of Kumbo during Holy Mass on Sunday 9th May 2015.


  2. a) President: Colonel Magistrate Kengne
  3. b) Vice President: Justice Ignatius Che Ajuyoh
  4. c) Vice President: Justice Anita Ngulle Dion
  6. a) Commissioner for the Government: Major Magistrate Tsuite
  7. b) First Assistant: Lt Bekita
  8. c) Second Assistant: Magistrate
  10. i) Paddy Yong
  11. ii) Joseph Awah Fru

iii)           Alambi Gabriel Ngang

  1. iv) Tifuh Ochard
  2. v) Fongo Edwin
  3. FOR CC