Southern Cameroons Crisis: BIR officers get ambushed in Muyuka 0

The slaughtering in Southern Cameroons has continued as both camps struggle to prove that they are in control of the region.

After Tuesday’s slaughtering of women and children in Mautu in the country Southwest region, the fighting continued on Wednesday in Muyuka where a BIR officer was killed in an ambush that has left many speechless.

According to a Cameroon Concord News Group’s source in Muyuka, the BIR officers who are protecting the Brasseries depot located towards the main road leading to Yoke ran into a water crisis and went to one of the streams to fetch water where insurgents fighting for the total liberation of Southern Cameroons ambushed them, killing one BIR officer and wounding others.

Our correspondent on the ground is gathering more details and we will be publishing them as they become available.

Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai