Southern Cameroons Crisis: Cameroon gov’t military kills 2 fake Amba fighters 0

Two criminals posing as members of the Ambazonia Restoration Force were killed today at Ndu by Cameroon government soldiers deployed to the area.

The Francophone civil administrator in Ndu was quoted as saying that the “Amba Terrorist came to kidnap workers of the Ndu Tea Plantation but were neutralized by Cameroon government forces.”

Cameroon Concord News sources in Ndu revealed that the two gunmen were local criminals who had been terrorizing the area and had nothing to do with Southern Cameroons Self Defense Groups.

The two armed robbers reportedly disguised as Amba fighters and fired bullets at different locations in the tea plantation, many of them randomly. They were killed in a confrontation with BIR.

A close aide to Vice President Dabney Yerima of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government contacted by Camcordnews said today that the Ambazonia Interim Government believes there may be more Atanga Nji Boys abandoned by the Minister of Territorial Administration within Ndu who are now committing crimes.

Dr Patrick Ayuk said that the Southern Cameroons Interim Government was “on the verge” of restructuring the county-by-county self defense protocols to be able to fish out the Atanga Nji Boys.

By Fon Lawrence in Bamenda