Southern Cameroons Crisis: Chinese and Nigerian gangs are robbing Manyu and Ndian of their prized wood 0

The people of Manyu and Ndian must be vigilant. Their wealth is disappearing right before their own eyes.

Due to the war and the focus on football, there is a lot of illegal logging taking place in the Manyu and Ndian forests.

There are reports that Nigerians and Chinese gangs are working together to rob the people of the Southwest of their prized wood.

 Traditional chiefs are being brought into the corrupt deals and many are willing to play ball.

Our chief correspondent in Mundemba reported that even government officials are jumping into the lucrative deals. Chinese and Nigerian gangs are collaborating with corrupt government officials to rob the people of their wealth.

The current Ambazonian war is making it easy for these gangs to cart away wood from these frontier divisions into Nigeria and the provenance of the wood is changed once the wood gets into Nigeria. The wood is destined for China.

Chinese are working with Nigerians and some Southern Cameroonian groups. These criminal gangs are robbing the population  of its wealth.

Cameroon Concord News Group is investigating and will be providing more details in the days ahead.