Southern Cameroons Crisis: Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh is now the biggest spender in the Biya regime 0

The Minister of State-Secretary General at the presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh is known more for his ruthless character as the de facto head of state of Cameroon. The ambitious next-of-kin is slowly but surely purging the Etoudi Palace of his critics and has thrown into the Kondengui prison many of his political opponents and is now teleguiding the bloody war on the English speaking people of Southern Cameroons, contributing to one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent African history.

Minister Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh is not only preoccupied with taking over from President Biya and the war or bloodshed in Southern Cameroons, the so-called President-In-Waiting and his family relations are living large. To be more accurate, Minister Ngoh Ngoh is leading an inconceivable life which Cameroon’s tax payer’s money and revenue from oil and gas have provided him with.

His in-laws and blood relations are reportedly splashing out hundreds of millions of FCFA on cars and private parties. Many are stunned today in Yaoundé as several anonymous investors are purchasing government buildings and shares in state companies.

Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh has the unflinching support of the First Lady Chantal Biya and now controls the members of the ruling Beti Ewondo gang with a huge property empire in France.

Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that the members of the Chantal Biya family who pressed the 88 year-old Biya to publicly announced Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh as next-of-kin are spending outrageous amounts of Cameroon tax payer’s money, typically on really quite outrageous things, including, prostitution, alcohol, gambling, very ostentatious lifestyles that include buying huge houses in France, Belgium and the USA that they never even visit!

An official at the Cameroon embassy in Brussels hinted this reporter that Francophone cabinet ministers are spending tens and tens of millions of Euros to buy properties in France and Belgium and keep them up without actually ever going to stay even one night in those properties or to use them to raise revenue.

Like President Biya, Minister Ngoh Ngoh’s spending is not easily traceable and extensive investigations might just reveal the tip of the iceberg.

A cream of top barons of the Biya regime have regularly been flying models from Ethiopia, South Africa and Madagascar and elsewhere to party in Yaoundé. They arrive and are allegedly tested for HIV/Aids.

Other senior government officials from the Northern regions have also reportedly been travelling with their sea of mistresses to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj throwing huge amounts of money on things which are even against Islamic teachings. All these are going on under the watchful eyes of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh.

To be sure, the system of government in Yaoundé as teleguided by Ministers Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and Joseph Beti Assomo is the feudal systems that dates back to the dark ages where the ruling families had the power of life and death, over all of their subjects and having the right basically to help themselves to whatever wealth the nation has. That’s La Republique du Cameroun that we know today.

Cameroon’s huge wealth comes from the country’s vast agro-industrial plants including oil, gas, gold and diamond reserves which supposedly belongs to the whole nation but in fact is the Biya family property which now has Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh as its operations manager.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai