Southern Cameroons Crisis: Governor Lele LAfrique convoy attacked by Amba fighters 0

The convoy of the Governor of the North West region came under attack late last night as he was returning from church service, security sources have said.

At least one soldier was injured in the course of the attack but security forces succeeded to ferry the Governor safely home.

Sources say Adolphe Lele LAfrique’s convoy was attacked at 19h15 local time as he was returning from the Catholic Church Mulang where he had just attended cross over service.

Over 20 Ambazonia separatist fighters had erected barricades on the road which prompted a shootout before they retreated to their hideouts.

Police Inspector Fossi Frankline was the only member of the security forces injured in the course of the attack while it is difficult to determine if there were casualties on the part of the armed separatists.

Journal du Cameroun