Southern Cameroons Crisis: Human Rights Watch has completed its investigations into the Ngarbuh massacre 0

As the Cameroon government continues to be on the defensive about the Ngarbuh massacres, the global human rights watchdog, Human Rights Watch (HRW), has already completed its investigations and it is clearly pointing a finger to the country’s military as the guilty party.

Speaking on TV5 Monde on Sunday, a HRW researcher, Ilaria Allegrozzi, said that there had not been any confrontation between the military and Ambazonia fighters on Valentine’s day in Ngarbuh.

The HRW expert added that there was no explosion as claimed by government, stressing that the rights watchdog’s figures showed that 21 people had been killed which is  far from the 5 claimed by the Yaounde government.

The expert pointed out that the massacre was the government’s decision to punish villagers, claiming that they were hiding Ambazonian fighters in their houses.

The HRW findings tie in well with those released by civil society organizations and the  UN.

Meanwhile, the government has sent its troops to Ngarbuh to investigate the massacre and this move comes after the international community expressed shock that a government was killing its own citizens.

The general consensus in the country is that the government is not credible and that it will continue to cover up, as that had been its modus operandi for decades.

Across the country, many people are calling for Cameroonian leaders to be taken to The Hague where they should be tried for crimes against humanity.

Those considered responsible for the massacres in the country’s two English-speaking regions include: Paul Atanga Nji, Rene Sadi, Joseph Beti Assomo, Fame Ndongo and the governors of the two English-speaking regions of the country.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai