Southern Cameroons Crisis: More Aghem families in Menchum hit by Atanga Nji Boys atrocities 0

The latest Atanga Nji Boys onslaught on the main road linking Bamenda to Wum, the chief town in Menchum is creating a tragic humanitarian aspect as the fighting in Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia continue to unfold further day by day.

Most people in Wum predominantly from the Aghem extraction are in need of medicine. Pattern medicine shops in Wum are all empty and several people are dying. The heavy deployment of Francophone troops around the main market and in Naikom Overside is making matters worse.

Several innocent Southern Cameroonians including women and children have been killed in Cameroon government military attacks in Wum, Esu and Weh ever since the conflict began four years ago. Cameroon government army soldiers have also brought widespread devastation to the already impoverished Menchum County.

Ambazonia Restoration Forces defending the Menchum constituency say the French Cameroun aggression has not undermined their will to stand against the occupation crime syndicate in Yaoundé. They say, despite their suffering, they will remain steadfast and fight for until Southern Cameroons is free.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with files