Southern Cameroons Crisis: No Lockdown from September 15 0



Fellow Ambazonians,

Over the last 24 hours, the Interim Government of Ambazonia has been inundated with calls and questions from concerned citizens in Ground Zero and the Diaspora regarding a so-called “Gutteres Lockdown” of Ambazonia starting Wednesday 15 September 2021 to Saturday 02 October 2021. After extensive consultation with Generals and Commanders in Ground Zero, and other trustworthy frontline movements of our struggle, your Interim Government now states that it made NO such decision and declaration. Consequently, there is NO LOCKDOWN of Ambazonia, and any such notice should be disregarded forthwith.

Monday Lockdowns remain in place for the foreseeable future.

As a government, the safety and security of our people in Ground Zero is our utmost priority, and your Interim Government would always consult with our self-defence heroes before making public pronouncements that affect the lives of our people in Ground Zero. Daily business and community activities within the territory of Ambazonia must proceed with vigilance and without interruption.

Truth has always triumphed over deception, and integrity must remain our companion in this journey for freedom. Despite the sufferings that the regime in Yaoundé is inflicting upon our people, it is unfortunate that some Southern Cameroonians have decided to join them in their duplicity. Still, despite this, I am calling on the people of Ambazonia to remain hopeful.

We want to use this opportunity to advise our people to go about their daily business but remain vigilant as some major military actions are planned over the coming weeks.

Fellow Ambazonians, this is a difficult journey we have embarked on. No one can say with utmost certainty what the outcome will be, but we must remain focus and keep our eyes on the prize despite the hard work of detractors. We shall not accept anything less than total independence.

Thank You, God Bless Ambazonia. May God bless you all.

Dabney Yerima