Southern Cameroons Crisis: SONARA under attack 0

A series of explosions have occurred at the national oil refinery (SONARA)in the Southwest port city of Limbe with separatist claiming that they are responsible for the fire. Mark Bareta, one of the separatist spokespersons has published on his Facebook page that separatists are at work and they are responsible for the disaster that is unfolding in the oil refinery.

A source in Limbe has also indicated that government officials are suspecting separatists for the explosions, though some reports hold that the fire is a pure accident in one of the extension tankers. The source adds that government security officials are already on the ground to contain the fire, but they are scared separatists might be implementing their agenda of sabotaging government facilities. He stressed that separatist fighters have infiltrated all government organizations and institutions and government officials are really concerned as these fighters have the intention of bringing down the economy to its knees.

Southern Cameroons separatists have been targeting the oil refinery for years as part of their scheme to rob the Yaounde government of vital oil resources. Many Southern Cameroonians hold that the oil refinery has not brought them any good and that it could as well just been brought down. Since the discovery of oil in the Rio Del Estuary in the Southwest region, the region has been impoverished and locals are not being employed in the refinery. This has caused a lot of angst among the English-speaking minority, especially as SONARA workers, most of whom live in soecial neighborhoods are Francophones.

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