Southern Cameroons Crisis: The Akwaya Situation Report 0

A slow-moving ground offensive, the assault on Akwaya by French Cameroun government forces threatens to become a protracted standoff, deepening an already dire humanitarian situation. It could also prove costly for the Biya regime, diplomatically and militarily. So far, nearly 250 civilians in Akwaya, according to a sister publication Cameroon Intelligence Report have been killed. Seven children were killed in rocket attacks launched from Egbekaw on the Manyu River on the 10th of February 2018.

Chief Alana Valentine, Chief Odape Hans of Kajinga, Chief  Dan and Chief  Adejua  Ndumbe  of Meyerim  villages in the Akwaya  sub constituency have all escaped the fighting and   are currently  seeking refuge  at the premises  of the Divisional officer in Akwaya town. Cameroon Concord News gathered that the traditional rulers are wanted by the Amba Tigers for actions against the Ambazonia struggle.

We understand Chief Adejua Ndumbe of Meyerim village on the 10th of February escaped beatings and his palace was burnt down. For his part, Chief Odape Hans of Kajinga village who is the current Section President of the ruling CPDM party has been told to stay away from the village.

On the 11th of February,  Ambazonia  fighters were able to attacked the grand stand leaving one element  of the Rapid Intervention Battalion  and the principal  of GTHS Akwaya with life threatening injuries.  Civil servants in Akwaya have been asking for long term leave as the area has become ungovernable.

Akwaya Sub division is the biggest and oldest in Cameroon.  It is made up of 99 villages and a  majority  of its citizens  are now  refugees in the Federal Republic of  Nigeria  as a result of the  current  socio- political  crisis in Southern Cameroons.

By  Judith  Fon in Mamfe