Southern Cameroons Crisis: Yaoundé announces massive military recruitment 0

After losing more than two thousand soldiers in a battle that will not be ending anytime soon, the corrupt and incompetent Yaoundé crime syndicate has announced that it will be recruiting thousands of poor and young Cameroonians who will be unleashed on the Southern Cameroonian population once they complete their 3-month sandwich military training.

The announcement was made last week when the Yaoundé government also discovered that thousands of its hastily trained and poorly paid soldiers had jumped ship once they got sent to fight seasoned Southern Cameroonian fighters in the dense equatorial jungles of Southern Cameroons.

Sources conversant with the country’s military have informed Cameroon Concord News Group that some 5,000 Cameroonian soldiers have simply vanished into thin air.

Initially, the unreliable and disrespected government informed parents of many soldiers who have disappeared that they were still battling insurgents in Southern Cameroons, but the truth started emerging when soldiers who survived some of the tough battles in the jungle sent videos of their friends who had been killed in battle to the families of the victims.

In the Mamfe jungle, lots of gruesome things took place and surviving soldiers are still suffering from post post-stress traumatic disorder because of the inhuman cruelty they noticed.

The jungle between Eyumojock and Nsanarakati in Manyu Division holds huge secrets whose details are only known by Southern Cameroonian fighters.

More than 20 Yaoundé soldiers are simply not resting in peace in a mass grave in which they were buried alive by Southern Cameroonian fighters.

These innocent soldiers were hastily dispatched to that part of Manyu Division without sound knowledge of the region or the terrain. They were surprised and rapidly overwhelmed and theirs became the kingdom of death.

Their remains may never be discovered and this is hurting their parents who have been having nightmares. Without proper closure, families of these soldiers will continue to ask questions, though each time they ask questions, military officials only threaten them with imprisonment.

In Akwaya, Otu, Ekondo-titi, Wum, Kumbo, Batibo and many parts of the northwest, army soldiers have been killed and their bodies dumped enabling wild animals to have a massive party. Human bones litter the forests of Southern Cameroons and it is rumored that those bones belong to young army soldiers who met their death in really unfortunate circumstances.

The war the government of Yaoundé thought it would wrap up in two weeks has gone beyond three years and thousands of army soldiers have disappeared.

But not all are dead. Some simply defected while others were aided by Southern Cameroonians for them to desert a military they described as bereft of a purpose.

Many of those who have deserted are in countries such as Gabon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, United Arab Emirates and France where they are seeking to rebuild their lives.

Most of them argue that they cannot die for an old dying man whose objective is to keep power, adding that the war against Southern Cameroonians was baseless and that the conflict could have been settled through genuine dialogue.

But the fighting will not be over anytime soon. Some members of government and army generals have successfully established a war economy and they are in no rush to see the fighting come to an end.

Atanga Nji, the country’s territorial administration minister; Joseph Beti Assomo, the country’s defense minister and the architect of the war; and army generals in charge of the war are determined to prolong the agony of the population.

They have been unleashing poorly trained militiamen on innocent civilians just to intimidate the population. Some of the soldiers are even child soldiers from poor homes who desperately need a job just to help their poor families. Unfortunately, many of them hardly go back home alive!

 The government has been overwhelmed by the number of body bags returning to East Cameroon and the deafening grumbling of the parents is making government officials to be ill at ease.

But the damage done to the military will have to continue for a long time.  After four long years of prayers, the Russian killing machines are finally in most towns of Southern Cameroons.

There is total excitement in the jungles of Southern Cameroons where most insurgents are taking refuge. They now know that they have the fire power to counter any action by the Yaoundé military.

Southern Cameroonian leaders had started negotiating with Russian military officials in January 2020 after noticing that Western countries were in no rush to end the conflict that was triggered by the marginalization of the country’s English-speaking minority.

The talks had progressed to a point where both parties had to meet in Moscow in June 2020, but the Coronavirus pandemic that has spread pain and suffering across the globe, upended their plans.

Things were put on hold as most countries struggled to get out of the grip of the dangerous pandemic. With things looking up and a vaccine manufactured, both parties will soon be meeting to finalize arrangements.  

Russia wants to have a foothold in the Central African region, it needs oil and diamond and its need for a huge market for its product is increasing becoming overwhelming.

Southern Cameroonians are capable of facilitating Russian entry into the huge economic block by destabilizing Cameroon which is the engine of the region.

For now, Russians have a foot in the door in the Central African Republic by supporting the country’s current government in its efforts to flush out French-backed rebels led by former president Francois Bozize, and with Southern Cameroonian leaders willing to play ball with the oil-thirsty Russians who want to elbow the French out of the sub-region, it is clear that the dynamics in Southern Cameroons will be changing for good.

The corrupt Yaoundé government knows it has a lot on its plate. It understands Russians are simply not joking and it is scared of the alliance between the Russians and Southern Cameroonians.

It is on these grounds that it has launched a massive military recruitment to beef up security in its eastern border with the Central African Republic and to continue killing Southern Cameroonians in the Biya-owned killing fields in the country’s two English-speaking regions.

The year ahead holds a lot of suffering for Cameroonians. The incompetent Yaoundé government is still not in the mood to negotiate a way out of the four-year-old conflict and Southern Cameroonians are not yet ready to throw in the towel.

More blood is in the forecast and those Russian killing machines that have been thrown into the mix will leave many military mothers in tears.

Cameroon is really in for a bleak future. It’s dying (mis)leader, Paul Biya, is prepared to take the entire country with him into his grave.

Despite calls by the international community for a negotiated settlement, Mr. Biya and the hawks running the show strongly hold that a military victory is in the cards, but how true is that when Russian guns have made their way into the country? Let’s wait and see.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai