Southern Cameroons militant group vows to blow up pipelines in SONARA 0

A Southern Cameroon militant group in Mutengene in the South West region has reportedly given the Biya regime an ultimatum to withdraw all its troops from Bamenda or face severe consequences. Cameroon Concord News has been reliably informed that the group has vowed to blow up pipelines in SONARA.

A spokesperson for the group was quoted as saying that if the Biya administration fails to demilitarize the North West region, the group will begin vandalizing pipelines anytime soonest.  They claim that the Francophone government was exploiting and terrorizing Southern Cameroonians.

Troops from La Republique du Cameroun backed by helicopters killed dozens of Southern Cameroonians in Bamenda on Thursday the 8th of December following violent protest that rocked the entire North West region.

By Rita Akana