Southern Cameroons Special Status: Quotable Quote 0

The so-called special status is an insult. Did our parents, grandparents vote in 1961 for special status? Was the question in the plebiscite: Vote to join Nigeria or the Republic of Cameroon and acquire special status? What makes Southern Cameroon aka Ambazonians special? How special shall we be? I know since we are not citizens of the Republic of Cameroon, we can never become President of another man’s country. That is right.

 However, why do Ambazonians have to have special status in the Republic of Cameroon? Is it on trade terms in relation to the other nations of the world? Is it special status so that we allow them exploit our natural resources and leave us hopeless?

 La Republique du Cameroon can fool the so-called selfish self styled in Yaoundé but they cannot fool us the real Ambazonians. We gave them 57 years to think and change but they never did. They can give the special status to South Region of their country. What they are trying to do is called, Too little too late! Ambazonians